Math is ___ Video Contest

Have you seen our MATH IS __ video? (Click play on the image.) It gives me goosebumps of joy each and every time I view it. Do check it out!

We invite you to work with your students to create your own version of a MATH IS __ video, asking the same question of community members and recording and collating reactions.

Submit your video by March 15, 2022 and possibly win $400 (USD) of school supplies for your classroom or club!

How to Enter the Contest

1. Complete this entry form.

2. After you submit the form, we will send you a link to upload your “Math is ___” video for review.

3. That’s it! We will review the video and notify the winners!

Rules, Conditions, Instructions, and all that

1. Submissions from communities all over the world shall be accepted. If a video is presented in a language other than English, we kindly ask you to tell us the language of your video. (We might have to rely on internet translation programs.)

2. All submissions must be uploaded by midnight, March 15, 2022, according to James Tanton’s watch, which is set to Phoenix, Arizona time. Included in the upload is contact details of a “lead” on the video production (a teacher or club leader, 18 years or older) with whom all necessary communications will take place.

3. The GMP team will review all the submissions and, as swiftly as possible, determine a single winning video. Given that they believe that mathematics is uplifting, videos with uplifting messages will no doubt please them most.

4. The GMP’s decision on the winning video is final and they shall be under no obligation whatsoever to explain why they chose this one video over all others. (But rest assured: GMP team members are kind and rational human beings.)

5. The GMP team will contact the lead of the winning video and negotiate with them a mutually agreeable way to provide $400 (USD) of school supplies.

6. Team leaders are welcome to submit more than one video. (But–heavens!–that’s a lot of work!)

The Appearance of Minors

7. If minors (humans under the age of 18 years) appear in your video in ways that they could be identified by image or by voice or by commentary or by any other means, then your video submission must be accompanied with completed forms obtained here, one for each minor who is identifiable.

More stuff!

8. If you choose to upload you video on your own accord to social media, then you accept all responsibilities with regard to matters of minors that can be identified, issues of copyright ownership, appropriateness of speech, imagery, messaging, and the like, and completely and utterly indemnify the Global Math Project of connection to your actions.

9. To be utterly clear: No video may defame or disparage any individuals, companies, organizations or institutions, nor contain nudity, lewd or vulgar behavior, offensive language and/or gesture nor contain copyrighted content owned by third parties. (You get it. This is all about nobility and reverence of humans and humanity through mathematics.)

10. By submitting your video, you are expecting the Global Math Project, and any of its partner organizations as listed on its website, to possibly engage with you in discussion about posting your video on social media and to use it to promote the work and resources of the Global Math Project. You are also expecting the Global Math Project, and its partner organizations, to ask you for the right to use portions of your video, or images from the video, for their printed and web materials all ways it sees fit. The expectation is that you’ll be agreeable to this!

A clause with no legal standing

11. It is understood that we are all working together to bring joy and good to the world, through mathematics, and that if any issue of concern arises, all parties involved will do their best to be kind and gentle and understanding, and keep close in mind that this work is not about any individual’s or organisation’s success, power, or ego, but simply about bringing some good and joy to the world.