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The wonderful folk in the Willamette University Mathematics Department asked me to do a full colloquium session, October 1, and it was about ... Exploding Dots! Check here to see the full story, from how we write numbers to grade school arithmetic to high-school math to open research, all in one fast-paced hour. Loads of fun!
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How to Give and Practice Giving Adventure in Exploding Dots Lessons

We at GMP have been having tremendous success conducting live online lessons to schools and individual classrooms across the nation. We have a six-lesson series for grades 4-6, a six-lesson series for middle-schoolers, and an eight-lesson series for high-schoolers (plus a bonus lesson).

See the main page for details.

In order to expand this program we want to guide and support Exploding Dots enthusiasts on how to conduct these lessons too. We're creating a pilot training workshop.

  • It starts with two zoom training meetings.

    Thursday Jan 14, 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm PST; Thursday Jan 21: 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm PST In each session we'll go through one lesson, discuss its pedagogy and common questions and reactions to it, and go through the highlights of another lesson or two.

  • We'll ask you to give SIX live lessons during the Spring semester, ideally with a class of students from a Title 1 school. AIM can help connect participants with classes of students.

    After each lesson we'll have you simply write and share with a one-paragraph summary of how it went.

  • We'll give a basic survey to the students (and any teachers) who attended your classes, and you are welcome to add a question or two to that survey as well.

  • There is compensation for your efforts.
If all feels fun and good and exciting we'll list you as an officially GMP-endorsed Ambassador up for giving live lessons for as many times as you like, all to spread the math joy in classrooms all across the globe.

We're starting with a North American focus, but we intend to expand globally!

Interested? Send an email to for details.
Fabulous mathemagician Sergio Belmonte from Spain will be giving a talk on Exploding Dots in Spanish this Friday, January 22nd at 10 am EST for FUNDAPROMAT.


Interested in having a GMP founder speak to your class? Email us here and we’ll work to schedule a 15 minute virtual lesson with your students!

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