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It's coming! The fifth annual Global Math Week.

Details coming. But as a teaser expect:

* Live lesson on Exploding Dots (of course!)

* Math Joy sessions from Global Math Project Ambassadors.

* Classroom KAPOWS with our Exploding Dots web app.

* A strange decoding puzzler.

* A MATH IS ... video contest.

* A provocative Professional Development session for teachers!

Keep checking here for details!

Our friends at CYFEMAT are bringing Exploding Dots to Latin America for Global Math Week.

Registration details are coming, so keep checking here.

General Information is Here

Can you crack the mighty strange code shown?

Each day during his live Exploding Dots lessons for Global Math Week, James will give away a big clue for help. The first person to send the correct answer to will receive an Exploding Dots t-shirt. So too will the fiftieth person to send the correct decoded message, as well as three other random drawing of correct answers! Be the first or the fiftieth or a lucky random solver to win!

Keep checking here for details.

High-School Polynomial Algebra = Fifth-Grade Arithmetic: A Workshop.

We offer a provocative workshop. Saturday, Oct 16, 9 am - 11 am PDT (Los Angeles time, GMT-7)

See how the fabulous work of grade-school mathematics is actually the work of high-school algebra in disguise. We educators, no matter the arena of our work, are in this beautiful mathematics story together for our students!

It's the story of place-value and how it permeates the entire curriculum.

Certificates acknowledging 2 hours of online professional development work available upon request.

Register here. (Tickets are going fast!)

This is the kickoff event for Global Math Week 2021.

Time: Oct 10, 10 am - 11 am PDT (Los Angeles time, GMT-7)

Ages: 10 and up!


What’s the next number: 2 4 6 8 __?

Clearly it is 17! And I’ll prove this is so in this session!

Everyone is excited by patterns and mathematicians are motivated by patterns, but they also know that we should never trust patterns until iron-clad, logical explanations for them are given. In this session we’ll play with patterns and learn how to find formulas for patterns – if you choose to believe them – and perform all sorts of mischief for when you don’t! (Who doesn't like mathematical mischief?)

Open to all who like to play.

Register here

Ambassadors and friends of the Global Math Project have come together to share their joy and love of math(s) with the world!

See the Math of Soccer, Surprising Games based on the Fibonacci Numbers, the Dragon Curve, and more!

We're putting together the schedule now.

Keep checking here for details

We've got secret plans for a video contest!

And secrets will be revealed during Global Math Week!

(Have you seen our Math Is ___ video? You really should check it out. It gives me goosebumps of joy every time I view it!)

Video Link


Interested in having a GMP founder speak to your class? Email us here and we’ll work to schedule a 15 minute virtual lesson with your students!

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