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The Global Math Project team has create a sequence of eight lessons for grade 4 and up called "Adventures in Exploding Dots." It covers all the basics and the adventures of the incredible Exploding Dots story.

We've started the series already, but it matters not if you've missed it! We'll repeat the series all year long, with additional cycles commencing soon as other co-founders and Ambassadors of the Global Math Project start offering them too! There will be an ever-growing global web of live Exploding Dots lessons for one and all to enjoy.

We thank our host organization, the American Institute of Mathematics, for coordinating this stunning propagation of math joy.

Upcoming lessons:

October 28: Lesson 6 - Fractions as Decimals

November 4: Lesson 7 - All Bases, All at Once: Polynomials

November 11: Lesson 8 - Infinite Sums

November 18: Bonus Lesson 9 - Going Completely Wild: Base one-and-a-half

Click here for Details and Registration and Recordings of past lessons
The wonderful folk in the Willamette University Mathematics Department asked me to do a full colloquium session, October 1, and it was about ... Exploding Dots! Check here to see the full story, from how we write numbers to grade school arithmetic to high-school math to open research, all in one fast-paced hour. Loads of fun!
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Each Tuesday and Thursday at 11 am Central Time, Oct 20 - Nov 19, James is giving a live lesson on the topic of quadratics, Global Math style. It's a collaboration with DEXTER LEARNING. Here's a course description.

This 10-lesson course is about the beauty and the thinking behind the quadratics: how to think about them and do them -- both their algebra and their graphing -- with natural ease and abundant joy. How? By being absolutely true to their story!

An exploration of quadratics is really an exploration of the power of symmetry, of seeing how this elegant idea so profoundly unites and simplifies. Symmetry is our friend! There really is no need to memorize anything once you realize this core feature of the topic. This swift course will cover much of the traditional high-school algebra work on quadratics, but do so in a way that teaches how to see through mathematical clutter and to think like a mathematician.

Go here at the time of the lesson and look for Geom/Alg2 in the calendar.

For the week of October 26-30, at 11 am PDT each day, the inimitable Gord! of Math Pickle will teach JAMES how to do Exploding Dots, and you are invited to learn too.

It will be mighty fun!

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