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The wonderful folk in the Willamette University Mathematics Department asked me to do a full colloquium session, October 1, and it was about ... Exploding Dots! Check here to see the full story, from how we write numbers to grade school arithmetic to high-school math to open research, all in one fast-paced hour. Loads of fun!
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Join Orlando Science School folk on April 10th for a fun morning of exploring math. Each lesson will take about 30 minutes, so there will be two lessons an hour. It will start promptly at 9 AM EDT (6 am PDT) and end at 12 noon EDT (9 am PDT). This is designed mainly for 4th-6th graders, but others may enjoy it as well. And it is free!
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Interested in having a GMP founder speak to your class? Email us here and we’ll work to schedule a 15 minute virtual lesson with your students!

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