See the Global Community in action.

Upcoming Events

October 10 - 17 is global math week (a generous week) and so much is afoot!

* Witness the astounding story of EXPLODING DOTS. Live lessons in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

* Count classroom KAPOWS on the EXPLODING DOTS web app

* Take the CODE BREAKER challenge and win prizes.

* Watch our stunning MATH IS ___ video. Submit a MATH IS __ poster.

* Take part in a provocative professional development workshop for educators.

* Enjoy joyous math talks galore from Global Math Project Ambassadors.

Be part of a global community united by the wonder of mathematics.

Details and Registrations

Have you seen our MATH IS __ video? It gives each of us at GMP goosebumps of joy each time we view it. Do check it out here.

We invite you to work with your students to create your own version of a MATH IS __ video, asking the same question of community members and recording and collating reactions.

Submit your video by December, 2021 and possibly win $400 (USD) of school supplies for your classroom or club!

Contest instructions, conditions, rules, and such.


Interested in having a GMP founder speak to your class? Email us here and we’ll work to schedule a 15 minute virtual lesson with your students!

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