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We believe that learning mathematics can and should inspire joy. The Global Math Project is a worldwide movement of teachers committed to igniting and sustaining a love of mathematics in their students.

It all starts with James Tanton’s Exploding Dots.


Here are some updates and items of interest from the Global Math Community.

Math is ___ Video Contest

Have you seen our MATH IS __ video? (Click play on the image.) It gives me goosebumps of joy each and every time I view it. Do check it out! We invite you to work with your students to create your own version of a MATH IS __ video, asking the same question of community […]

Adventures in Exploding Dots! Transform the Math Classroom

Powerful PD based on Live Classroom Action!

Exploding Dots in Hindi

DhiMath, India, is making videos!

Futurum features GMP!

Check out this article and materials!


March 8, 2021

Exploding Dots in Sinhala

Dr. Gaya Jayakody shares the joys of Exploding Dots

Logic Gates and Exploding Dots with Mathigon

Do want to see how you can build an Exploding Dots machine using logic gates?