Live Lessons: Adventures in Exploding Dots


Sessions for grades 4 – 6, for middle-schoolers, and for high-schoolers.

We are passionate about helping students and adults experience the awe and joy of mathematics. Over six million students across the planet have played Exploding Dots. It’s a stunning approach to arithmetic and algebra that helps students see the mathematics they thought they knew so well in an astonishing new light. Students and teachers alike regularly describe this experience as “mind blowing.”

Elementary & Middle School Teachers:
  • Never worry about place value again!
  • Watch students find joy and meaning in arithmetic algorithms
  • Witness student attitudes toward mathematics improve
High School Teachers:
  • Show students how algebra is just arithmetic in base x
  • Make polynomial division a breeze
  • Witness student attitudes toward mathematics improve
Teachers: Need a break? Got Zoom fatigue? We can help
For the younger grades we will lead SIX 30-45 minutes sessions for your students, at times that meet your schedule. For higher-schoolers, we will lead EIGHT 45-minute sessions.

Our lessons reveal the human story of arithmetic, pre-algebra and algebra, and create for your students a transformed mindset for doing mathematics and engaging in confident problem-solving.

“Even my students who don’t normally feel like they’re ‘good at math’ feel successful with Exploding Dots. Brilliant!”
— Teacher, Phoenix, AZ.
It changed my view of math … Now I am confident and more excited about math.
— Student, Las Vegas, NV.
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Our fee for these lessons is $3000 for a six-lesson series and $4500 for a nine-lesson series.
Not sure this is manageable for your school budget? Email us at


In what language do you offer these sessions?

Initially in English. But we are training GMP Ambassadors who speak other languages how to conduct these sessions too.

Do you provide worksheets and homework for these classes?

We are not seeking to interfere or replace your own classroom practice and so offer these sessions as enrichment and mathematical enhancement for all your students of all backgrounds, capabilities, and interests. Our Teacher Guides (which we share with you) contain student handouts and practice questions, to be shared and discussed if you like.

My class time is precious. Why would I give up 6 to 8 class periods for this?

There is no pressure or expectation here! Our work is curriculum connected and curriculum relevant, but we are not following a particular lesson program. Teachers tell us that our program changes their students’ view of mathematics, creates a growth mindset for all participants, and increases willingness and confidence in problem-solving. The long-term payoffs may well outweigh the short-term worries of “getting through” the immediate curriculum.

Can I, as a teacher, watch and learn too?

Absolutely. Math joy is for one and all!

Do you teach these lessons live or are they pre-recorded?

All of our lessons are taught live by trained GMP Ambassadors. For the moment, all lessons are conducted via Zoom. Once students return to classrooms we will provide a mix of in-person and Zoom lessons depending upon location.